June is Home Safety Month

Why do we observe Home Safety Month?

  • 55 people die in their homes each day and another 58,000 are injured and seek medical care
  • These casualties can be avoided by taking simple home safety precautions

What are some common injuries you can prevent in your home?

  • The Home Safety Council lists 5 home safety issues you can prevent in their Home Safety Brochure
  1. Prevent Falls
  2. Prevent Fires
  3. Prevent Fires and Burns
  4. Prevent Choking and Suffocation
  5. Be Smart around Water
  • To see how to prevent these issues, view the brochure here.

Important to Know

  • Call 911 for emergencies. Calling from a cell phone may not give dispatch enough information to pinpoint your location. Be ready to describe where you are located.
  • Poison Control Number is 1-800-222-1222
  • Check and make sure your smoke alarms are working. Replace batteries if need be.

If you have any other home safety tips this month, please feel free to share!


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