Summer seems to have finally kicked out

Summer seems to have finally kicked out all of the rain and clouds, and everyone is ready to enjoy the great outdoors! But, before you gather up family and friends, stock the cooler, and fire up the grill; here are a few things you should remember about fun in the sun.

Sun Safety:
The sun’s rays can be damaging, even in small doses, so it is important to apply sunscreen when outside, and reapply it after swimming or sweating. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, but go easy on alcohol, it actually dehydrates the body. It’s also smart to bring a hat and sunglasses, your eyes will thank you.

If you are bringing perishable food and drinks out, it’s often a good idea to keep them separated in two labeled coolers. This prevents people from opening the food cooler over and over again, which can let out cool air and cause food to spoil.
When grilling, keep a meat thermometer handy to inspect the burgers and brats(they should hit 160° F). This will kill the germs that can cause food poisioning. And while you’re standing there, throw some corn and peppers on the grill. They taste great and they’re a healthy side dish.

Water Safety:
One of the best ways to enjoy a Minnesota summer is on a boat or by the water. Keep in mind that lifejackets should always be on hand, one for each person, and children should be closely supervised by older, stronger swimmers. Also, being on the water while intoxicated can be extremely dangerous, whether you are driving, swimming, or just a passenger.

Following these tips will ensure that your summer activities are both fun and safe. Happy Summer, now get out there and enjoy it! For more fun facts about health, fitness, and just life in general, like us on and follow us on twitter @PeoplesCenter.


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